Particle physics makes art in a car park: Ryoji Ikeda’s Supersymmetry

Ryoji Ikeda

Last year Japanese electronic composer and installation artist Ryoji Ikeda’s light show in Victoria Tower Gardens was briefly the must-see London art work, with long queues of people waiting for their chance to experience it. This year his new installation Supersymmetry is causing less of a stir. Could that be because of its location? Continue reading

White wisteria in a secret garden – St John’s Lodge, Regent’s Park

St John's Lodge GardenThere are a lot of Did you knows? in this post. Did you know that wisteria comes in white as well as purple? And grows as trees as well as climbing? Did you know there’s a hidden garden right in the middle of Regent’s Park where you can see white wisteria trees in flower now? If the answer is no, then read on. Continue reading

Iris and wisteria at Fulham Palace

Fulham PalaceI’d never really thought about going to Fulham Palace before, even though when I went to the Isabella Plantation last week I went via Putney Bridge and could easily have made a detour as it’s just a few minutes walk away. But then I mentioned to some friends that I was on the lookout for wisteria and Sue of It’s your London told me about the gardens there.  Continue reading

Ninagawa Hamlet at the Barbican

Ninagawa HamletThe Japanese theatre director Yukio Ninagawa is eighty this year, and to celebrate he’s bringing his production of Hamlet to the Barbican Theatre. Those of you who saw his production of Cymbeline at the Barbican in 2012 have no doubt bought your tickets already – for the rest of you, this is a heads-up. Ninagawa has spent his life producing Shakespeare – so much so that Ninagawa Shakespeare is a recognised genre. This production of Hamlet is his eighth staging of the work. Continue reading

Azaleas in the Isabella Plantation

Isabella PlantationYesterday Yannick, Travelling Dave and I set off on an expedition to the Isabella Plantation in Richmond Park. If you’re a west Londoner you’ll be wondering why I describe it as an expedition when you go there all the time, but for a north Londoner like me it’s a trek into unknown country. What attracted us was the reputation of the azaleas in the Isabella Plantation and we weren’t disappointed. Continue reading

Itchiku Kubota – Kimono as Landscape, Kimono as Art

Photo © Itchiku Kubota Art Museum/Peter Hoff

Photo © Itchiku Kubota Art Museum/Peter Hoff

The latest Japan Foundation programme has just hit my inbox, and I’m thrilled to see that they’re having a talk on Itchiku Kubota and his tsujigahana kimonos. I’ve been interested in these wonderful kimonos for a long time, so much so that a few years back I visited the Itchiku Kubota Museum in Japan to see the display of kimonos there for myself. Continue reading

Bluebells and Wisteria at Osterley Park

Osterley Park wisteriaI’ve been through Osterley on the tube dozens of times on my way to Heathrow and I always think to myself that one day I’ll get off and visit Osterley Park. The years have rolled by and the trips to Heathrow gone on, but the visit to Osterley Park has eluded me – until now.  What a lot I’ve been missing. Continue reading

Cherry Blossom Shoe Polish – the Pride of Chiswick

With the cherry blossom season drawing to a close, in London at least (though I was in Nottingham last week and the blossom there is still in full flower and looked fantastic), I thought I’d do a final cherry blossom post about Chiswick’s famous Cherry Blossom shoe polish. Continue reading

The sound of Taiko: Yamato Drummers on tour

yamato drummersThe Yamato Drummers of Japan are back in the UK with a twenty-date tour that opened in Bristol on 20 April. They offer a dynamic high energy drumming show that combines strength and skill with humour and showmanship. It’s a thrilling kaleidoscope of sound – and very loud. Continue reading

On Kawara: One Million Years at Asia House

Volunteers participating in a live reading of On Kawara's "One Million Years" at the Guggenheim (Photo: David Heald © Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, New York)

Volunteers participating in a live reading of On Kawara’s “One Million Years” at the Guggenheim (Photo: David Heald © Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, New York)

I generally try to cover topics which have a strong visual aspect on this blog. Art exhibitions, flowers, food and the like. Stuff I can take photos of. So the presentation of On Kawara’s epic work One Million Years at Asia House leaves me in a bit of a quandary; how do you visually represent an audio presentation? Continue reading