A Great Meal at Kintan Japanese Barbecue

Kintan Japanese barbecueIf I told you I ate at a Japanese restaurant last night and asked you to guess what I had, you’d probably say sushi, or ramen. At the very least you’d guess that fish played a prominent role. The last thing you’d go for is barbecued meat – what’s Japanese about that? Well, stick with me while I explain. Continue reading

London Art Fair 2015

London Art Fair 2015Okay, I confess – I’ve never been to the London Art Fair (billed as the UK’s premier modern British and contemporary art fair) before, even though I’ve had lots of chances. Among all the art on offer in London, this one somehow slipped through the net. Well, more fool me, as I discovered when Yannick and I went there this week – it’s absolutely packed with top-class art, and it’s all for sale, should you happen to have a budget big enough. Yannick and I confined ourselves to just looking. And taking pictures, of course. Continue reading

My Japan Foundation Film Tour Top Five

Japan Foundation Touring Film ProgrammeYou don’t get much chance to see Japanese films in London (or the rest of the UK) but, thanks to the Japan Foundation, over the next couple of weeks there’s going to be a positive glut. So suddenly we go from nothing to see to too much to see. How are you going to prioritise? Let me help out, with my Japan Foundation Touring Programme top five. Continue reading

Kirk Palmer – Remembering absence

Kirk Palmer Remembering AbsenceLast week I did a post about the Conflict:Time:Photography exhibition at the Tate Modern, and the way it brings the past into focus by showing the elapse of time from a key event, like the dropping of the atomic bomb on Hiroshima. Now here I am again with another photography exhibition about the dropping of the atomic bomb, but one with an approach that couldn’t be more different. The clue is in the exhibition title – Remembering Absence. Continue reading

Miyako Yoshida: Japanese dancer, English style

Miyako Yoshida © Dave Morgan

Miyako Yoshida © Dave Morgan

Coming up in April at the Royal Ballet is that most English of all ballets, Frederick Ashton’s La Fille mal gardée, with bucolic set designs by Osbert Lancaster and a real shetland pony. The lead roles of Lise and Colas will be danced by a variety of RB principles, none of them actually English, but all able to dance with the lyricism, musicality and unflashy technique that Ashton’s choreography and the English tradition demands. It’s made me think back to a famous Japanese exponent of the English style, Miyako Yoshida. Continue reading

Conflict:Time:Photography at the Tate Modern – Hiroshima Memories

I know, it’s a bit odd to write about Hiroshima in January. The time to remember the atomic bomb that was dropped there, bringing the War in the Pacific to an end, is August, the anniversary of the event. But I’ve been thinking about Hiroshima because of a visit to the Conflict:Time:Photography exhibition at the Tate Modern which shows the legacy of war as artists and photographers have captured it in retrospect. Looking at the recollections of Hiroshima in the show brought back my memories of visiting the city. Continue reading

Temporal Measures at White Rainbow

Takahiro Ueda‘What’s this exhibition about then?’ Yannick asked me when I suggested opening our 2015 art season with a trip to the White Rainbow. ‘Time,’ I said. But actually, it’s not so much about time as measuring time, and the different ways in which measuring it can make it seem as though its going faster or slower. Here’s what I mean. Continue reading

Top Five Japanese Restaurants for 2015

Tempura at MatsuriWell, that’s it then. Christmas is over. New Year is over. The new year starts in earnest this week and you want something to eat that is nothing like all the rich food you’ve been scarfing down over the holidays. Something different – healthy, light and interesting with subtle flavours, high on fish and vegetables and low on meat. What you want is Japanese food, and you’re in luck – London is full of great places to eat Japanese. Here’s my top five recommendations for the coming year. Continue reading

My top five posts of 2014

Kintsugi lacquer repairIt’s the last day of the year, time to look back and see what caught your attention in 2014. It’s a surprising collection (well, I was surprised, anyway) but then it’s always the posts you least expect that rocket to the top of the popularity charts. So here they are. Continue reading