Where to find Japanese socks and tights in London

Tabio 30 denier tightsThey have much nicer socks and tights in Japan.

I don’t mean the thick knitted socks that Japanese schoolgirls wear with their sailor suits (though that’s an interesting look). I mean pretty socks for grown-up women, like ankle socks with lace or flower patterns or frills and tights in dozens of different colours and thicknesses.

 waffle flower patterned socksOr sockettes, that just line the inside of your shoes so they don’t rub your feet. In the UK Marks and Spencer sells them in boring beige so they look like therapeutic appliances. Japanese ones come in pastel-coloured lace with a soft lining under the foot to cushion it.

Tabio Layered sockettesI buy lots when I’m in Tokyo, along with tights which come in a huge range of designs and are far more comfortable and stretchy than British ones.

Tabio heart pattern tights

Luckily you don’t have to go all the way to Japan to get them. The Japanese sock and tights company, Tabio has shops in Neal St, Selfridges, Harvey Nichols and the King’s Road, or you can buy them online at the Tabio online store.

Photos courtesy of Tabio.

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