Hurrah for the ocean! It’s Marine Day

The Sea off Sata from Hiroshige's 36  views of Mt Fuji
Today is Marine Day (海の日  – umi no hi) in Japan which is a day to celebrate the sea and all its bounty and to pray for it to continue to provide food in future. For an island country like Japan (and the UK) the seas are an important source of food and protection so it’s good to celebrate once in a while.

Marine Day is a bank holiday in Japan and it’s a day for a taking the kids to the seaside or going to an aquarium. The temperature across most of Japan today is around 37 degrees celsius so it’s perfect day for the beach.

Marine Day is part of the “Happy Monday’ system which moves bank holidays to Mondays so as to give a long weekend. Marine Day falls on the third Monday in July.

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