If I was in Tokyo…

Starlight Fantasy

東京會舘創業90周年記念 スペシャルディナーショー
~Felicidade~Edicao Especial

If I was in Tokyo today I’d go to the Tokyo Kaikan to see the Starlight Fantasy Special Edition Dinner Show by former Takarazuka Top Star Saki Asaji. The lucky people who are there to see it will get a great meal, then see a song and dance show with spectacular costumes. I wish I could join them!

Asaji left Takarazuka in 1998 after a massively successful four years as top star. Since then she’s married and moved to Brazil but comes back to Japan regularly to appear in shows and tours.

The Tokyo Kaikan is a ‘dining and meeting centre’ just across the road from the Imperial Palace in the centre of Tokyo and the Dinner Show is part of the celebrations for its 90th anniversary.

Tokyo KaikanBesides the conference rooms like the Rose Room where Asaji’s show will be, the Kaikan has a pleasant cafe with comfortable armchairs looking out onto the Palace Moat, where you can happily while away the time, particularly if you’ve just been to a musical at the Imperial Theatre round the corner.

It has a whole variety of restaurants including a sushi bar and a chinese restaurant and a nice little shop selling clothes, jewellery and trinkets. It’s a fashionable place for weddings so you can often see brides in their full finery posing for pictures on the central staircase. But the main reason to go is the justly famous patisserie selling beautiful little cakes and biscuits.

Tokyo Kaikan cake

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