Japanese Toilet Wins Award

The TOTO European K (EK) starter model

The Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers has announced its Mechanical Engineering Heritage Awards for 2012 and one them has gone the the Washlet automatic toilet made by TOTO.

The Washlet is taking a surprisingly long time to catch on in the UK even though in the thirty years that Toto has been selling it in Japan it has become so popular that 70% of Japanese households now have one.

It’s actually very useful; a bidet and toilet combined, with a control panel that lets you adjust the temperature, position and strength of the water spray. Oh, and it also has a heated seat. What’s not to like?

The aim of the Mechanical Engineering Heritage Awards is to recognise the cultural significance of engineering technologies and preserve and transmit them to the next generation. So getting a Washlet is like buying a work of art.

Go on, you know you want one.

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