Healthy and delicious – try a rice burger

MOS Rice burger Kaisen-Kakiage Shiodare sauce

Japan Airlines are going to start serving rice burgers.

What’s a rice burger? Well, basically it’s a burger where the bun has been replaced by rice mixed with millet and barley. But having taken the plunge and changed a great classic it goes further and replaces the traditional patty with other things as well.

Like, for instance grilled pork and ginger, seafood or fried burdock and carrot. Which is rather like the broom where you’ve replaced the handle and then replaced the head – is it still the same broom? Is a rice burger with carrot filling still a burger?

The rice burger was invented by MOS Burger, the Japanese burger chain founded in 1972 which is now the second-largest fast-food franchise in Japan after McDonald’s.

Branch of MOS Burger in Ikebukuro

The JAL version is called AIR MOS Rice Burger. JAL says:

‘The filling includes burdock, lotus root, carrot, oyster mushrooms, black sesame, and Japanese chili pepper, and is sauteed in a light soy sauce and sweet miso paste to deliver a deep, rustic flavor of Japan.’

They’ll be serving it in Premium and Economy class and you can request it in Business Class too.


If you want to try a rice burger in London, the Japan Centre and branches of Umai both serve it.

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