Unleash your inner Sherlock Holmes with nendo mimicry chairs at the V&A

nendo mimicry chair 1Warning! Spoiler alert! If you’re planning to go to see Japanese Design Studio nendo’s mimicry chairs at the Victoria & Albert Museum and want to discover them for yourself watch out because this post has photos of the full set. If you do go (and you’ll have to be quick as they are part of the London Design Festival which ends on the 23rd September) here’s some advice:

1. Get the map. Not the V&A map, the London Design Festival map which you get at the group entrance on Exhibition Road. It shows you where all the chairs are located. Without it you’ll be a pile of yellowing bones before you find them all.

2. There aren’t as many as they say there are. The map and the signs number them from one to eleven but, as the kind man at the desk told me, some of them didn’t work in the setting and have been removed. If you want to know which ones are missing, scroll to the end of the post.

3. What’s it about? nendo has created a simple white chair made of pressed and punched metal with a ghostly appearance. It is modified in each location to mimic the space and the objects around it.

Mimicry chairs 1 is in the Cromwell Road entrance. As you can see, it’s above your head. I spent several minutes looking for it on the ground before the penny dropped.

nendo mimicry chairs 1Mimicry chairs 2 multiplies itself. You think it is just one but as you turn the corners of the staircase more and more appear.

nendo mimicry chairs 2nendo mimicry chairs 2nendo mimicry chairs 2nendo mimicry chairs 2Mimicry chairs 3 is shown on the map as being on level four but it actually stretches the full height of the building.

nendo mimicry chairs 3Mimicry chairs 4 is tall and thin and hides away in a tall thin corner.

nendo mimicry chairs 4Mimicry chairs 5 have a nice broad space so they spread themselves around a bit.

nendo mimicry chairs 5Mimicry chairs 7 is larger than the others and has a great position by the window.

nendo mimicry chairs 7Mimicry chairs 8 has invaded a traditional art gallery. I actually walked right through the room before I clocked the chairs – a tribute to their ghostly qualities and the power of art.

nendo mimicry chairs 8Mimicry chairs 9 are cool and reflective.

nendo mimicry chairs 9Mimicry chairs 10 are truly ghostly in among the tapestries.

nendo mimicry chairs 10nendo mimicry chairs 10As you might have noticed, the missing ones are numbers 6 and 11.

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