Hello Kitty Sablé biscuits

Hello Kitty biscuits packetIt’s nice having visitors from Japan. It’s not just the fun things they want to do (like visit Platform 9 3/4 at King’s Cross where, can you believe it, I’d never been before), it’s also the omiyage (little gifts or souvenirs). Last week my visitors gave me a box of Hello Kitty Sablé biscuits. Shall we open them?

Hello Kitty birdOn the back of the packet is the ingredients list – flour, sugar, eggs, margarine, almond poodle….?! Oh, no, almond poudre – ground almonds. They come from Nagoya.

Hello Kitty biscuits ingredients

Inside the pretty wrapping is a pink box. It says ‘For sale in Japan only’. That’s nice.

Hello Kitty biscuit boxInside the box are three rows of little sealed packets.

Hello Kitty biscuits

Hello Kitty biscuitsI like the little windmill.

Hello Kitty windmill

Inside each packet is a Hello Kitty-shaped biscuit.

Hello Kitty biscuitAnd all too soon there’s nothing but a pile of crumbs. ありがとう!美味しかった!

Hello Kitty rabbit

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