Yayoi Kusama at Vuitton Bond St

Kusama giant flowerI know I did a post about the Kusama/Vuitton collaboration just recently, but that was about the pop-up shop at Selfridges. What I didn’t realise, until I happened to walk past it, was that the Vuitton Bond St shop has had a Kusama makeover as well. I like it even better than Selfridges; the windows are more Kusama and less Vuitton, if you see what I mean. So I don’t feel at all bad about bringing you another set of pictures. You can’t have too much Kusama – well, I can’t anyway.

The windows feature more organic forms that Selfridges with Kusama standing boldly in the midsts of forest of huge white-spotted red tentacles holding a black-spotted yellow bag:

Kusama tentaclesThe tentacles have spread to the first floor windows:

Kusama tentacles

Once they get to the first floor they grow down from the ceiling instead of up from the floor:

Kusama tentaclesAnd they fight for territory with Vuitton-style glittery curtains:

Kusama tentaclesGiant spotted flowers with eyes at their centres greedily watch passers-by:

Kusama giant flowersKusama giant flowersInside there’s plenty of space for the displays and you can wander round in relative peace.

Kusama accessoriesKusama accessoriesGo quickly if you want to see it – the Vuitton show at Paris Fashion Week has just finished and the shops will be full of acid yellow checks before you know it.

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