Autumn reading – Tokyo Hearts

Tokyo HeartsThe second of my three autumn reading books is Tokyo Hearts, a romantic novel set in Tokyo by new writer Renae Lucas-Hall, published in June this year.

It features star-crossed lovers Haruka and Takashi. Like many Japanese girls who love fashion, Haruka is a brand addict and Vuitton, Hermès and Louboutin loom large in her life. She seems well matched with Tokyo style devotee Takashi but the attractions of her rich boyfriend in Kyoto threaten to destroy the romance. It takes an earthquake to make her realise where her true affections lie.

Tokyo Hearts cover

The book has no Amazon rating as yet but quite a lot of bloggers have written about it – Itsumo Japan called it ‘the perfect holiday read’ and Haiku Girl said ‘for the few hours I was reading I was entirely transported to Japan.’ It has an average 4.75 rating on Goodreads from four ratings so far. The consensus seems to be that it is sweet and charming, an entertaining story in the chick-lit field and particularly strong on the detail of Japanese life and culture.

Renae is an Australian-born British writer. She studied Japanese language and culture at university in Australia and followed that with a few years living in Japan teaching English.

Renae Lucas-HallShe has a website with a guide to Tokyo that includes shopping (naturally) and night life and also gives other samples of her writing.

Ten per cent of the author’s profit from the sale of the paperback in 2012/13 will be donated to the Japan Society Tohoku Earthquake Relief Fund.

Tohoku EarthquakeThe Fund now channels all donations to the ongoing work of voluntary and community organisations working in the most affected prefectures to help victims of the disaster to rebuild lives and livelihoods. If you want to make a direct donation to the relief fund, you can do so at the Japan Society.

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