Lolita fashion – little girl street style at the V&A

Sweet LolitaLolita fashion is that oh-so-sweet little-girl-in-a children’s-picture-book way of elaborate dressing-up that originated in Harajuku in Tokyo and has spread round the world.  Japan Matsuri in October had a Lolita fashion display by the Tea Party Club and Hyper Japan, coming up at Earls Court from 23-25 November, promises us a Kawaii style fashion show including Sweet and Classic Lolita fashion, Wa-Lolita, Kawaii Kimono style, Gal, Pop-Kei (including fairy -kei), and Pastel Goth.

Confused? Not to worry. The V&A have a small but very focused Lolita fashion exhibition called Kitty and the Bulldog which will help you get a grip. 

The V&A show covers four strands of Lolita fashion – sweet, gothic, punk and Japanese. Of the four it’s the sweet style that’s classic Lolita – think Alice in Wonderland in the Tenniel illustrations.

Alice in WonderlandHere’s a couple of the V&A’s Sweet Lolita examples – the first one is by Tokyo-based Baby the Stars Shine Bright.

Sweet Lolita fashionThe top picture shows a detail of the skirt, and here’s a close-up of the shoes:

Sweet Lolita shoesThis one by Osaka-based Innocent World who aim to ‘reflect the pure and innocent hearts of young women’.

Sweet Lolita fashionSweet Lolita detailPunk Lolita is influenced by Vivienne Westwood and British punk style, This example by Putumayo of Harajuku references Alice in Wonderland with the playing card motif on the skirt and uses British motifs like the crown on the bodice and the necklace.

Punk LolitaPunk Lolita detailPunk Lolita detailPunk Lolita detailGothic Lolita by Moi-même-Moitié whose theme is ‘Elegant Gothic Lolita Aristocrat Vampire Romance’.

Gothic LolitaJapanese Lolita by Mamechiyo Modern, who seeks to reinvent and modernise the kimono.

Japanese LolitaJapanese Lolita detailAnd here’s some real street-style Lolitas, as seen at Japan Matsuri.

Lolita style at Japan MatsuriLolita style at Japan MatsuriIf you want to learn more about the Lolita style there is a free talk at the V&A by Pauline LeMoigne today (8th November) at 13:15, assembling at the meeting point in the main entrance. The exhibition continues until 24th February 2013.

The main exponents of Lolita style in the UK are the Tea Party Club (find them on Facebook if you’re interested). The Kawaii Street Fashion Show at Hyper Japan is on Sunday 25 November, from 13:00-13:30.

Hyper Japan Kawaii fashion


Want more kawaii fashion? Have a look at my posts on Hyper Japan and Kyary Pamyu Pamyu.

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