Christmas decorations with a Japanese flavour

John Lewis Christmas decorationIt’s December so it’s finally okay to talk about Christmas. You probably spent the weekend dragging home a tree and rescuing the box of Christmas decorations your Mum gave you when you left home from the top of the wardrobe. Now, as shiny bits drop off your worn-out tinsel and litter the floor, you might be wondering about getting something new and a little bit different this year. This is where I can help – with a range of Japanese-inspired Christmas decorations from trusty old John Lewis. John Lewis Christmas tree The Christmas shop in John Lewis on Oxford St is massive and has been going full-swing for months, but let’s pretend we didn’t notice that. In the middle of it all is a little display of glass baubles with Japanese-inspired designs, Japanese-style china and cute little snow globes with Japanese temples inside. John Lewis Christmas decorations Okay, authentic it’s not, but then Christmas with a Japanese flavour is a bit of a challenge, to be honest. It’s not exactly a Japanese festival. To really do it the Japanese way you’d have to: 1. Treat Christmas Eve as the most romantic night of the year and do anything to get a hot date for a candlelit dinner for two. 2. Work on Christmas Day – it’s not a holiday in Japan. 3. Take down all your Christmas decorations at midnight and replace them with New Year’s ones like the Japanese department stores do. So, on the whole, a full-on Japanese take on it is not what you want. Just a touch here and there will do fine. Some of these for example: John Lewis Christmas decoration John Lewis Christmas decoration John Lewis Christmas decoration John Lewis Christmas decoration John Lewis Christmas decoration The snow globe is my absolute favourite. I think it may be based on the Heian Shrine in Kyoto. What do you think? John Lewis Christmas snow globe Heian Shrine2014 update – sadly, John Lewis are not doing these decorations any more, so if you bought yours in 2012, when this post was written, hang on to them!
John Lewis Christmas reindeer

12 thoughts on “Christmas decorations with a Japanese flavour

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  2. I live in JApan I need thes Japanese style baubles to take to the US for Xmas. I went online to John Lewis but can’t find them. I have a short time left! I don’t know where in Japan to find them, seems ridiculous to order from the UK Help!


    • You won’t find them in Japan – they were made for the UK market. And I’m sorry, but this post is two years old and John Lewis don’t stock them any more. Wish they did!


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