Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!I wish you all a very happy and prosperous new year! I’m starting the year with a look back at my blogging highlights of 2013, with a countdown of the five most popular posts of the year. If you want to guess what they are, then pause here and have a little think – when you’re ready we’ll get going.

Number five is Back to the day job – Edmund de Waal at Alan Cristea, which I actually posted in October 2012 but it’s still getting enough hits to rank in 2013’s top five. It’s about a wonderful but rather short-lived exhibition of new pottery by the phenomenally popular author of The Hare with Amber Eyes. If you want to see the main work from the Alan Cristea exhibition, A Thousand Hours, it’s currently on show at the Fitzwilliam Museum in Cambridge until 23rd February, (and you can see my post about that exhibition here).

Edmund de Waal pottery close upNumber four is Royal Academy Summer Exhibition 2013 from June. I have a theory about where some of the people who visited this post came from. Brian Sewell, in the Evening Standard, named and shamed his three worst pictures in the exhibition. One of them was Sudden Rain in Mombasa by Mohammed Abdullah Ariba Khan, which I rather liked and posted a picture of. Sewell’s article didn’t have a picture, and I think a lot of people went looking for one and ended up with me.

Sudden Rain in MombasaNumber three is When will we see a Japanese Principal at the Royal Ballet? from August. I’m rather pleased this scores so highly, as it goes to show that people are out there searching for information about ballet and not enough places are providing it for them. Thank goodness the new Royal Opera House website that went up a couple of weeks ago has finally recognised the need for proper information about all the dancers, not just the principals.

© Dave Morgan/ROH

© Dave Morgan/ROH

Number two on my list is a surprise. It’s London Mitsukoshi – End of an Era from September. I had no idea when I wrote it that people would be so interested in the demise of a London shop, but there you are, you never can tell what people will want to know. It’s rather a sad post, with a feeling of the melancholy of the dying days of a great institution.

London MitsukoshiNumber one is London Parks Cherry Blossom Top Five from April. I wrote it because people were searching for ‘cherry blossom in London’ and turning up at my blog hoping to find some guidance. So I decided to write some. Nowadays, if you google ‘London Cherry Blossom’, your top hit is this post.

Kew Gardens cherry blossomSo that’s it, my 2013 top five. Please join me for fresh adventures in 2014!

Happy New Year!

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