Metamorphose – colour meets fashion in Shoreditch

Metamorphose at tokyobike

I’m a big fan of colour, especially in the depths of what we laughingly call winter when it rains every day. I like to see pictures that zing off the wall at you, that won’t let you walk past without noticing them. It’s a little bit of cheer in the dark wet days. Which is why I enjoyed the Metamorphose exhibition, which showcases a new collection of collages by Kaoru Sato made from a series of street style photographs by collaborator Yu Fujiwara. Because, as you can see, they are mega-colourful and definitely in your face.


The seven works in the show are displayed in a line along one wall at tokyobike, the white-walled bike shop in Shoreditch that I seem to be visiting a lot recently. I enjoyed the juxtaposition of the pictures with the cycles which are tokyobike’s normal stock in trade. The colourful bikes and colourful pictures worked very well together.


Looking more closely at the pictures, I found the way they mix hyper-realistic fragments into an abstract whole a bit disconcerting. The eye keeps trying to turn the bits that make sense into a coherent picture, refusing to accept them as part of an overall abstract design. But that’s part of their impact – the uneasiness as your eye slides around trying to get a grip on things.



Kaoru Sato is from Tokyo but is now based in London, working for international clients in the fields of fashion, publishing, film and music. Her work has been featured in art and fashion titles including Dazed & Confused, Fashion Illustration File, Creative Calendar Collection and Ingenuity.



Yu Fujiwara is a freelance photographer from Kobe, Japan, also now based in London. Yu studied at London College of Communication where he specialised in graphic design and was strongly influenced by conceptual art. He now works in the fields of graphic design, photography and art and is a contributor to Joshua’s, The Style Snip, Never Underdressed at Leon Magazine.


There are just seven works on show, all of them included here. They’re produced in editions of fifteen and are on sale, priced at £120 and £150.


I’m actually quite impressed with tokyobike, which has managed to turn a small bike shop in Shoreditch into a lifestyle shop and art gallery, lay on craft demonstrations like the kintsugi one I went to a couple of weeks back and also provide hot coffee and soon a popup tea bar too.


The exhibition continues until 16th February. Tokyobike is open Tuesday to Friday 11am to 7pm, Saturday and Sunday 11am to 5 pm.

4 thoughts on “Metamorphose – colour meets fashion in Shoreditch

  1. I like the colours. I just don’t ‘get’ the art though. I understand what you mean about feeling uneasy as the fragments give a disjointed feeling but is the uneasy feeling supposed to point out a bigger understanding of something? hmmm. will stare some more at these.


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