Schema-Sukima paired artists at LGLondon

Atsuo Hukuda One of the things I love about blogging on art in London is the huge variety on offer. Want to see some of the great masterworks of the last thousand years? The British Museum and the V&A are waiting for you with open doors. Prefer something small, new, quirky and offbeat? There’s a host of small galleries down hidden back streets ready to oblige. Which is what led me to duck into Hanway Place yesterday for something at the tinier end of the spectrum.

The exhibition I went to see is called Schema-Sukima. It pairs three Japanese artists with three of their British contemporaries, looking at the ways in which the artists’ interpretations of space, colour and material are informed by two convergent but distinctly different cultural traditions. Some of the pairings worked well, some less so.

I could see the point of pairing Kenneth Dingwall with Yasuko Otsuka. They both work with abstract squares of colour, so much so that you might almost think their work is by the same artist.

Yasuko Otsuka

Kenneth Dingwall

And the combination of Gary Woodley with Yoko Terauchi makes sense, as they both work directly with the walls and floors of the exhibition space. Terauchi’s graphite and mixed media Air Castle/Landslide angles around the edges of the floor, while Woodley’s Impingement no 62 Double Helix has colonised the staircase that links the gallery’s two levels.

Gary Woodley

Yoko Terauchi

I found it harder to see the link between Tom Benson and Atsuo Hukuda, but it didn’t matter too much as I thought Hukuda’s work was the most interesting in the exhibition. When I arrived I thought she had coated one wall of the gallery in toffee-coloured terracotta tiles and the adjacent wall with silver tiles, but when I looked closely I realised they weren’t tiles at all but paper, fastened to the wall with pins.

Atsuo Hukuda, Colour and/or Monochrome. Lacquer on Japanese paper:

Atsuo Hukuda

Atsuo Hukuda

Silver vapour deposits and silver dust on Japanese paper:

Atsuo Hukuda

Atsuo Hukuda

I suppose that’s where the connection with Benson’s work comes in, as the media they use are similar.

Tom Benson, S.H (1). Paint, UV cured lithographic ink, loose piece of aluminium, steel pins, aluminium panel:

Tom Benson

It’s a fascinating little exhibition, and surprisingly accessible too. You can find the LGLondon (Laure Genillard) gallery down a little back street off Tottenham Court Road, just across from the Dominium Theatre. It’s actually in the same street as Hakkasan, so those of you who are in the habit of visiting up-market Chinese restaurants can kill two birds with one stone.


The exhibition continues until 13th September. It’s open Wednesday to Saturday, 1 pm to 6 pm.

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