My top five posts of 2014

Kintsugi lacquer repairIt’s the last day of the year, time to look back and see what caught your attention in 2014. It’s a surprising collection (well, I was surprised, anyway) but then it’s always the posts you least expect that rocket to the top of the popularity charts. So here they are.

Number one: Kintsugi lacquer repair – when broken is better than new

Kintsugi lacquer repairKintsugi is the Japanese art of mending pots. Not mending them in the way you’d imagine – so you can’t see they were ever broken. No, it’s mending them in a way that makes a feature of their brokenness, celebrates and enhances it, so that the broken and mended piece becomes more beautiful and valuable than before. It turns our ideas about the meaning of damage and imperfection on their heads. I’ve just been to see a kintsugi artist in action…

Number two: Brilliant! Sensing Spaces at the Royal Academy

Sensing Spaces - Pezo von EllrichshausenIf you’re thinking of going to see the new architecture exhibition at the Royal Academy, Sensing Spaces (opening this Saturday), but aren’t sure if you’d like it, hesitate no more – just book a ticket and go. It’s one of the most enjoyable exhibitions I’ve been to in a long time. It’s about the human experience of architecture – how we react to it and how it makes us feel. It explores these things through a series of installations by seven architects, each one with a different take on the spaces architecture creates, and all of them challenging the imagination in different ways…

Number three: Regent’s Park cherry blossom virtual tour

Regent's Park cherry blossomIt’s really hard to get the timing right with cherry blossom. When the lovely grove of pink cherries at the south of Regent’s Park flowered early this year, in mid-March, I thought I ‘d blown it. But no! I visited the park yesterday and it was perfect timing – I even caught the avenue along Chester Road in full flower which I’ve never managed to do before. So I decided to share it all with you in my Regent’s Park cherry blossom virtual tour…

Number four: The Japanese Garden in Regent’s Park

Japanese Garden in Regent's ParkI’ve travelled all over London to visit obscure Japanese gardens in out of the way places, but all the time I never realised there was one much closer to home – in Regent’s Park, no less. It’s part of Queen Mary’s Garden and it’s not just a garden, it’s a whole island. In case you’ve missed it too, let me take you on a short tour…

Number five: Boro – Japanese Textiles at Somerset House

Boro Japanese TextilesIt’s funny how things that were originally just household reliables, used every day without a second thought, can turn into art. That’s what happened with boro, which is an art born from poverty, as Japanese families patched and mended their textiles so as to keep on using them as long as possible. And then times changed and those patched and faded blankets and clothes ended up hanging on the walls at Somerset House. Life is strange…

So there we have it: two art exhibitions, one craft demonstration and a whopping two posts about Regent’s Park, which must rank as the overall winner. I wonder what will be top of my list in 2015?

8 thoughts on “My top five posts of 2014

  1. Perhaps your beautifully illustrated kintsugi post will be a popular evergreen one especially since Grayson Perry’s recent Channel 4 portrait series introduced the concept to a wider audience.


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