Mr Potsunen comes to London

Mr PotsunenIt’s always a problem deciding what to do about events that are only on for a very short time. Do I go, and then tell you about it afterwards, adding smugly that it’s too late for you to see it? Or do I tell you about it in advance, when I can’t actually tell you what it’s like, so you have to take a leap in the (semi) dark?  Well. with Mr Potsunen’s Peculiar Slice of Life, I’ve opted for the advance option.

Mr PotsunenMr Potsunen’s Peculiar Slice of Life is a one-man show by Japanese comedian Kentaro Kobayashi which is showing at the Leicester Square theatre for only two performances, this Tuesday and Wednesday 3rd and 4th February. It’s an almost wordless series of theatrical sketches that mix pantomime, magic tricks, drawings and video, and it’s apparently funny, poetic and slightly surreal.

Mr PotsunenKobayashi is originally from Yokohama. In 1996 he and Jin Katagiri, a fellow student at the Tama Art University, formed a comedy-skit duo they named Rahmens which became popular nationwide after they appeared in an NHK TV comedy show. But they turned their back on television to concentrate on performing live on stage, both together and separately.

Mr PotsunenKobayashi spent six months living in New York, going to the theatre almost every day and seeing a broad range of shows, before developing a solo show and beginning to tour outside Japan.

Mr Potsunen


His solo nonverbal sketch show ‘P’ was a hit in Paris and Monaco in 2012. His current show played the Maison de la Culture du Japon in Paris before coming to London.

Mr PotsunenSo, that’s what I can tell you. What’s the show actually like? Well, here’s a short taster video to whet your appetite.

You’ll have to go and see it to find out more. But book soon, as there aren’t many tickets left. Tickets cost £15 and you can book online direct with the Leicester Square Theatre.

Mr Potsunen

6 thoughts on “Mr Potsunen comes to London

  1. On the basis of this post, I bought two of the last tickets available for Wednesday. So to answer your opening question, I think you should blog both before and after the event! Before to alert us to what’s out there, and after to share your review.


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