Snowdrops and Orchids at Kew Gardens

Snowdrops and orchidsIt’s very temping in February, at the first hint of warmth in the air, to start thinking that spring is just around the corner. Even though you know that icy winds and snow can still be lying in wait, you start to crave the colour and life of spring. They know this at Kew Gardens so they’ve made February their orchid month. You can immerse yourself in the exuberant luxury of the orchid house, while outside, under the trees, the first harbingers of spring make their  appearance. Kew Gardens February 2015 It’s wonderful to step into the steamy heat of the orchid house and drink in the riot of colour and beauty that is Kew’s orchid display. There are orchids everywhere; climbing trees, forming arches, spread across walls and floating in the lake. Kew Gardens February 2015 Kew Gardens February 2015 Sometimes we stepped back and took in the spectacular vistas; sometimes we got up close and looked at the detail of these amazing flowers, with their tremendous variety of colours and patterns. Kew Gardens February 2015 Kew Gardens February 2015 I was fascinated by this plant – who would have imagined brown orchids? Kew Gardens February 2015 The richness of the colours, and the tremendous sense of vitality was quite stunning. Kew Gardens February 2015 Kew Gardens February 2015 Outside, in the chill and the quiet, the snowdrops did their thing. They hid under the trees amongst the last of the autumn leaves. Kew Gardens February 2015 Pure, white and classically simple, they provided a striking contrast to the exuberant variety of the orchid house. Kew Gardens February 2015 As you would expect, I took a little walk down to the Japanese landscape garden and the Chokushi-mon at the far end of the garden, near the Chinese pagoda, checking out the cherry blossom walk as I went. The cherry trees are still in tight bud, but by mid-March they’ll be a sight to see. The Chokushi-mon looked taller and starker than it does at other seasons, while the gardeners were out pruning the trees ready for the new season. Kew Gardens February 2015 If you want to see the orchids at Kew, they’re on display until 8th March. Entry to the orchid house is free, but you need a ticket (£15) to get into Kew first.

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