Is it cherry blossom time yet?

Priory Park Cherry BlossomEvery year around this time I start getting impatient for the cherry blossom to bloom. I know it’s too soon for the full display, but the beginning of March is when you start to see early plum and cherry blossom, like the delicate plum blossom in the picture above. If you want to know the best places to go when the season really kicks off, then my London Parks Cherry Blossom Top Five Guide is what you want. But I thought I’d whet your appetite with a reminder of what’s in store.

If you really can’t bear to wait, then Kew Gardens is your best bet. Last year I went to Kew on March 7th and found wonderful early cherry blossom near the Temperate House.

Kew 2014 Prunus Cerasifera Cherry Plum

And some deep pink Prunus Matsumae Kursar just coming into flower.

Kew 2014 Prunus Matsumae Kursar

But it’s the end of March to the middle of April when the blossom comes into its full glory.

At Kew Gardens you can see cherry blossom and daffodils together. (This picture was taken on 31st March last year).

Kew cherry blossom Prunus Sargentii

Or head down to the Japanese landscape for an authentic Japanese experience of the great white cherry tree next to the Chokushi-mon.

Kew cherry blossom Prunus Tai Haku

As April arrives, the English Garden in Regent’s Park is awash with blooms.

Regent's Park Spring 2014

And the trees on the south side of the lake in St James’s Park are wonderful.

St James's Park cherry blossom

If you leave your cherry blossom viewing a bit late (beyond the middle of April), Kew is always a safe bet as they have so many different varieties blooming early and late. Or try the white cherry blossom on the Jubilee Gates in Regent’s Park.

Regent's Park cherry blossom

I’ll be doing more cherry blossom posts as the season goes on, with photos from the 2015 season. Happy cherry blossom viewing!

10 thoughts on “Is it cherry blossom time yet?

  1. You hav e beautifully captured what we love most about early spring. Thanks for sharing your images and the tips of where to find them.


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