Hyper Japan Summer 2015 – bigger, better, louder

Hyper JapanYes, once again it’s time for the UK’s biggest celebration of Japanese culture, Hyper Japan, a mad mix of food, fashion, gaming, music and cosplay that lets you experience the latest Japanese trends before they hit these shores. This year for the first time it’s going to be at the O2 in Greenwich, starting on Friday 10th July and running all weekend. Here’s little preview of what to expect.

On stage

There are performances running continuously through the event. I suggest trying to catch J-pop idols Tokyo Girls Style, five teenage girls who are on the crest of a wave with fifteen singles and four albums already out.

Tokyo Girls StyleFor some real Japanese culture try the Hello Kitty Bento demonstrations and learn how to turn your lunchbox into a cuteness zone.

Hello Kitty BentoAnd don’t miss the ever popular Cosparade where cosplayers in witty, amazing or just plain wacky costumes compete. If you want to take part it’s still possible with a limited number of on-the-day places available.

Hyper Japan Christmas 2014


Visit Hyper Japan regulars likeTofu Cute, specialising in cute accessories, stationery, gifts, plushies and snacks.

Hyper Japan 2014

Or Dreamy Bows, who have a new range of Sailor Moon cosmetics and accessories.

Hyper Japan 2014

Or a massive range of other shops.

Hyper Japan 2014

Food and drink

Try the Eat Japan Sake experience, Europe’s largest public sake tasting event.

Eat Japan Sake eventGet your lunch from one of the many stalls selling Japanese street food like okonomiyaki, ramen, takoyaki, sushi and Japanese sweets.

Hyper Japan 2014


Don’t miss J-rock event Japan Night on Friday and Saturday evenings, featuring Japanese rock bands VAMPs, Alexandors, Okamoto’s and the complex guitar melodies and technical drumming of indie rock trio Ling Tosite Sigure (which means Cold Seasonal Rain).


Photo by 大本

Hyper Japan is open on Friday 10th July, 12 to 8 pm, Saturday 11th July in two session, 9 am to 3 pm and 3:30 pm to 9 pm, Sunday 12th July, 9:30 am to 6 pm. It’s at the O2 arena in Greenwich.


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