It’s New Year’s Eve so here’s my review of 2015

Isabella PlantationHow was 2015 for you? I had a busy year which makes it hard to choose my favourite posts. But there’ve been two high points for me. One is the huge growth in interest in my regular spring posts about cherry blossom. The other is that I’ve repositioned the blog this year. It’s always been a London blog, but now it has less of a focus on Japanese stuff, enabling me to post about a much wider range of places and events than I could before. (including the Isabella Plantation in the photo above).

So, let’s start with cherry blossom. I chose my Alexandra Palace post as my favourite post of 2015 because I’ve lived near Alexandra Palace for years without realising what a fabulous cherry blossom display it puts on, and I was able to photograph it on a perfect sunny day. Enjoy!

Alexandra Palace Cherry Blossom 2015

Alexandra Palace cherry blossom

Next comes my guide to the top five London rose gardens. I did a lot of flower posts over the summer which are all gorgeous to look back on, but I’m quite proud that I managed to visit so many top rose gardens in full bloom.

London Rose Gardens Top Five Guide


In third place comes the amazing Gothic fantasy that is Strawberry Hill, the magical white palace Horace Walpole built himself in Twickenham. If you think the outside is spectacular, just wait until you see the fabulous interior!

Strawberry Hill House – where the Gothic revival began

Strawberry Hill House

In fourth place comes the restored almshouse at the Geffrye Museum. I’ve been visiting the museum for years without ever doing the special tour of the almshouse, but I’m glad I finally did as the interiors are fascinating.

A rare chance to visit the Geffrye Museum’s restored almshouse

Geffrye Museum Almshouse

And finally, another garden, one that’s rarely open to visitors but which is an oasis of calm in central London, just across the river from the Houses of Parliament.

Roses, bees and tranquillity in the heart of London: Lambeth Palace Garden

Lambeth Palace garden

In 2016 I’ll be visiting plenty of new places, with historic houses, top London gardens and the pick of the art exhibitions well to the fore. I hope you’ll join me and my regular partner-in-crime Yannick on our trips!

Plus – there’ll be a new Josie Clark mystery out in the spring!

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