Greenwich Park Cherry Blossom Avenue

Greenwich Park cherry blossom avenueWe’re a week into May (2016) and you might have thought the cherry blossom season, which normally peaks in mid to late April, would be over by now. But you’d be wrong, because the cherry blossom avenue in Greenwich Park turned out to be in full glorious flower when I went along to take a look a few days ago – and I’ve got the pictures to prove it.

Greenwich Park cherry blossom

Greenwich Park cherry blossom

If you think of Greenwich Park as being the bit by the Maritime Museum with the Observatory on the hill up above, you’ll be scratching your head by now, wondering where the cherry blossom avenue could be. The answer is it’s in the part of the park beyond the observatory where the tourists rarely venture, right up on the hill at the back of Ranger’s House and its spectacular rose garden.

Greenwich Park cherry blossom

Greenwich Park cherry blossom

When I go I normally approach it from the other direction, over Blackheath with its exhilarating wide-open skies. The road that runs through the centre of Greenwich Park is actually called Blackheath Avenue. It takes you past the cricket pitch, beyond which the pink line of the cherry blossom avenue rises to greet you.

Greenwich Park cherry blossom

The cherry blossom avenue points like an arrow straight at the heart of Ranger’s House.

Greenwich Park cherry blossom

You can visit the house as well while you’re there, to see the Wernher collection of silver, jewellery, paintings and porcelain, though you’ll have to join a guided tour.

Greenwich Park Ranger's House

Or you can just take a seat and admire the blossom.

Greenwich Park cherry blossom

If you want more cherry blossom, check out my London Parks cherry blossom top five guide.

Greenwich Park cherry blossom

Update – in 2017 the avenue flowered a full four weeks earlier, as you can see in my 2017 post.

6 thoughts on “Greenwich Park Cherry Blossom Avenue

  1. I worked in the National Maritime Museum in 1969 and lived in Blackheath, so I walked through the park every day and I loved it. I can’t say I remember the Cherry Avenue, but if it existed then, it was probably very new. The rose garden, which I have visited recently, didn’t exist then (as far as I know).


  2. Visiting from the U.S. and my girlfriend loves cherry blossom! I was planning on surprising her with this spot and already made plans to go to Greenwich Park for this, but just now read your article and realized they won’t even be full right now!


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