2019 London cherry blossom when and where – the definitive guide

I’ve been reporting on the London cherry blossom season ever since 2013 so I’ve built up a pretty comprehensive database on the when and where of it. For those of you who are new to the site, the key posts to start at are:

Where to see cherry blossom in London – a guide to the top five cherry blossom viewing sites in the capital’s parks, with links to virtual tours of the best viewing spots.


When to see cherry blossom in London – a breakdown of the timings of blossom based on blooming patterns over the past six years

They’ll tell you all you need to know to make your London cherry blossom viewing a success.

But if you just want a quick prediction for 2019, here goes.

As of mid March, early cherry blossom is already in bloom, some two to three weeks ahead of the average year. This means that (subject to the weather) we’re likely to see the season peak around the beginning of April and late blossom will probably flower in the second half of April.

Warm weather will bring the blossom out earlier and cold weather will slow it down, so you need to adjust the prediction accordingly.

Happy viewing!

Update 29 March: the Alexandra Park cherry trees are just past full bloom – should still be lovely this weekend but don’t leave it any longer! Avenue Gardens in Regent’s Park is in bloom but Greenwich is still in tight bud.

Update 7 April: The cherry blossom avenue at Kew Gardens is now in flower.  The Greenwich Park avenue is beginning to blossom and should be in full flower next weekend so long as the weather stays warm.

Update 18 April: There’s plenty of late blossom for the Easter weekend. Greenwich has been in full flower for several days and should still be lovely over the weekend  Kew has trees in blossom behind the Palm House, at the far end of the Temperate House and by the Japanese Landscape. Regent’s Park offers late blossom too.

Update 29 April: The cold winds of the past few days have blown the late blossom from the trees so I’m calling it now – the season’s over for this year.

That’s all folks – see you next year!

23 thoughts on “2019 London cherry blossom when and where – the definitive guide

  1. I expect you already know about Cherry Ingram, but just to say, in case you’ve missed it, Naoko Abe’s book is being serialised on Radio 4 this week. All the cherry best, Agnes.


  2. Hi Fran,
    Thank you for the great guide, helped a lot!
    I was wondering if it would be too early to go to Kensington or Regents?


  3. Hi Fran, thanks a lot for your information. It is very helpful. I was wondering if cherry blossom would still be nice in Greenwich park this Friday, 19th April? Thank you!


  4. I will be London this weekend (4/27) from overseas, will there still be any nice cherry blossom left in Regent’s Park and Greenwich Park? Thank you


      • Many thanks Fran for your swift reply – other than Greenwich Park, where would you recommend to visit for a good viewing of the cherry blossom in London?

        Also in your reply , you mentioned Greenwich Park but not Regent’s Park, was it because the flowering in Regent’s Park was over or will very likely be over by end of this week?

        Thanks again for your help!


        • I don’t have up to date information on Regent’s Park, but the main flowering there is over. Kew Gardens still has blossom left but we are right at the end of the season now.


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