Silence and mist – Tadao Ando’s mystic Mayfair fountain

Tadao Ando - Silence Where did you go for Open Garden Squares Weekend? I joined a walking tour of Mayfair led by my friend Yannick, London Tour Guide extraordinaire. And, in amongst the garden squares, he included this remarkable fountain. It’s by Japanese architect Tadao Ando, it’s outside the Connaught Hotel and it’s probably one of London’s best-kept secrets. Bet you’ve never seen it! Continue reading

Brilliant! Sensing Spaces at the Royal Academy

Sensing Spaces - Pezo von Ellrichshausen

If you’re thinking of going to see the new architecture exhibition at the Royal Academy, Sensing Spaces (opening this Saturday), but aren’t sure if you’d like it, hesitate no more – just book a ticket and go. It’s one of the most enjoyable exhibitions I’ve been to in a long time. It’s about the human experience of architecture – how we react to it and how it makes us feel. It explores these things through a series of installations by seven architects, each one with a different take on the spaces architecture creates, and all of them challenging the imagination in different ways. Continue reading

The Serpentine Pavilion Opening Day

Serpentine PavilionThe sun shone on us yesterday at the official opening of the new Serpentine Gallery Pavilion in Hyde Park as people climbed over, scrambled under and generally took possession of Sou Fujimoto’s amazing floating structural grid. There was a summer party atmosphere, especially among those lucky folk who had got tickets for Fujimoto’s sell-out talk. Naturally, I was one of them. Continue reading

Getting in a bit of a tangle with Akihisa Hirata at the Architecture Foundation

Akihisa Hirata model houseThis week I ventured across the river, which is always exciting for a North Londoner like me, fought my way past the dark huddled masses queuing to get into the London Dungeon and arrived at the pure white heaven of Akihisa Hirata’s Tangling exhibition at the Architecture Foundation on Tooley Street.

Tanglng textI enjoyed the exhibition very much – it’s quite small but offers you a complete environment inside a curving loop of continuous wall like a Mobius strip that you have to duck in and out of to see the displays. Continue reading