Poets of the Dark – Benshi Film Narrators

Ozu - Walk CheerfullyIf you’re a BFI member there’s a treat in store for you tomorrow (Monday 22 April). They’e showing Yasujiro Ozu’s silent film, Walk Cheerfully, an early gangster movie, accompanied by a benshi performance from Tomoko Komura. Continue reading

Jiro Dreams of Sushi

Jiro Ono

I’ve just been to see Jiro Dreams of Sushi and I think you should go and see it too. In fact, a lot of other people think you should go and see it. It has a rating of 7.8 on the IMDb and a 99% positive rating on Rotten Tomatoes. The Guardian film reviewer loved it; the Telegraph film reviewer loved it; the Observer film reviewer loved it…and so on. You get the picture. So what is it? A documentary about a sushi restaurant, that’s what. But it’s not your average sushi restaurant. Continue reading