Kyoto, City of Dreams, comes to London

Kyoto City of Dreams I went to a lovely little exhibition of photos of Kyoto and Kyoto-made kimonos yesterday. It’s in a new gallery on Museum St called Mokspace, perfect if you’re on your way to the British Museum and want a little art aperitif before you go in. It’s the work of photographer Jeremy Hoare and his Japanese wife, kimono-maker Chizuko Kimura. Continue reading

Taku Aramasa and Yoshishige Saito at Annely Juda Fine Art

Yoshishige SaitoIn my search for Japanese artists showing in London it’s always exciting to come across an exhibition at one of the big west end galleries. So you can imagine how I felt when I discovered that Annely Juda Fine Art were showing not one but two Japanese artists. Their work forms a fascinating contrast: Yoshishige Saito is an abstract sculptor in the Constructivist mould while Taku Aramasa is a photographer with a special method of printing his work. Continue reading

Tsunaki Kuwashima – The Eternal Idol

Tsunaki Kuwashima

I love the Jomon period – it’s so ancient (it began over 16,000 years ago, back in the dawn of prehistory) and yet Jomon craftsmen made amazing pots that are indisputably works of art.  So when Yannick suggested a trip to Bethnal Green to see photographer Tsunaki Kuwashima’s new exhibition, The Eternal Idol,  at the Union Gallery I was keen to go. What’s the connection? Dogū – the mysterious clay figurines that were made by the same prehistoric craftsmen as the pots. Continue reading