Regent’s Park Cherry Blossom Virtual Tour

Regent's Park cherry blossomIt’s really hard to get the timing right with cherry blossom. When the lovely grove of pink cherries at the south of Regent’s Park flowered early this year, in mid-March, I thought I‘d blown it. But no! I visited the park yesterday and it was perfect timing – I even caught the avenue along Chester Road in full flower which I’ve never managed to do before. So I decided to share it all with you in my Regent’s Park cherry blossom virtual tour. Continue reading

Roses in Queen Mary’s Garden

Queen Mary's GardenQueen Mary’s Garden in Regent’s Park is famous for its roses. I went there last week with a Japanese friend, who wanted to see real English roses on her visit to the UK, just as we want to see cherry blossom in Japan. The roses were so lovely I decided to post some pictures here for you to enjoy too. And I’ve also added a post on the top five rose gardens in London in case you want to find some more roses. Continue reading

London Parks Cherry Blossom Top Five

Kensington Gardens cherry blossom Welcome to my London cherry blossom top five guide, the definitive illustrated guide to the best cherry blossom viewing spots in the capital, from Kew Gardens to Greenwich Park. And if you want to know when the blossom’s in bloom, you can find out from my new When can you see cherry blossom in London? guide.  Continue reading