End of Year Tag Game

Recently Ramata from Nihon in London tagged me in her 年末タッグゲーム! End of Year Tag Game. I see that Ali of Haiku Girl, who was also tagged, has done her answers so I think I’d better get on and do mine too.

We were given five questions – here they are, with my answers. Ramata often blogs about learning Japanese so her questions are in Japanese with a phonetic version of the Japanese coming next and then the English translation.

今年の一番よかった事何ですか。kotoshi no ichiban yokatta koto nandesuka?
What was the best thing that happened to you this year?

One thing I enjoyed very much was seeing the cherry blossom in Kyoto. I’d been worried that we would miss it as it bloomed much earlier than expected in 2013, but we were lucky enough to arrive on the perfect day, with sunshine and the flowers in full bloom. Magic.

Heian Shrine shidarezakura

今年の一番悪かった事何ですか。kotoshi no ichiban warukatta koto nandesuka?
What is the worst thing that has happened to you this year?

I’m very lucky that nothing bad has happened to me this year.

今年の好きだった映画、アニメ、ゲーム、アプリなどを紹介して下さい。kotoshi no suki datta eiga, anime, gemu, apuri nado o shoukaishite kudasai.
What was your favourite movie, anime, game, application etc. this year?

Well, I’m going for a ballet, Mayerling, with Ed Watson tearing a passion to tatters. Lovely to see a dancer at the top of his game.


Edward Watson in Mayerling. © ROH/Bill Cooper

今年買ってよかった物三つ紹介して下さい。kotoshi katte yokatta mono mitsu shoukai shite kudasai.
Present three things you’re happy you bought this year.

This year I’m happy I bought…

A blue Murano glass necklace – for sophisticated evenings out.

Rivers of London by Ben Aaronovitch – a brilliant and funny novel about a London police constable who combats supernatural crime with magic.

Rivers of London

Annual membership at Kew Gardens – so I can visit as often as I want.

新年の抱負はありますか。shinnen no houfu ha arimasu ka?
What are your aspirations for the new year? (Basically New Year’s resolution)

In the new year I’m publishing my first book, The Cherry Blossom Murder, a murder mystery set in Japan. So my aspiration is to do everything I can to give the book a good start and help it find lots of readers.

The Cherry Blossom Murder

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