The dancing hens of Ito Jakuchu at Asia House

Ito Jakuchu

There’s a fabulous exhibition on at Asia House this week and I really think you should find the time to go and see it soon as it’s only on for five days, ending this Saturday. It’s a show of works by Ito Jakuchu who was born in Kyoto nearly three hundred years ago. Jakuchu specialised in paintings of domestic animals, particularly chickens, and there are plenty of them on show at Asia House, painted with a flair and simplicity of line that is breathtaking. Continue reading

Japanese Calligraphy with Passion

Tairiku Teshima CalligraphyIf you want to see the exhibition of Tairiku Teshima’s calligraphy at the Asia House gallery, you’d better get a move on – it’s only on for four days (why so short?) and one of them has already gone. It would be a pity to miss it – we don’t see much Japanese calligraphy in London and this is a lovely exhibition – well laid out and lit, with helpful ladies just waiting to answer any questions you might have. Continue reading