Sushi at Home Book Launch

Sushi at HomeSushi is getting to be so popular in London now, it’s hard to believe there was a time when we all thought eating raw fish was weird. And plenty of people are making sushi themselves, which makes the publication of Yuki Gomi’s new cookbook, Sushi at Home, very timely. I don’t do much cooking myself but if you do, this is the book for you. Continue reading

Learn perfect sushi at Sozai Cooking School

Sushi at Sozai Cooking SchoolI’d better start with a confession – I’m the world’s worst cook. But I like to eat, especially at restaurants where you can get real Japanese food, so I was already a fan of So Japanese Restaurant when I got an invitation to the opening party for their new cookery school, Sozai. I signed up right away, lured not so much by the cookery demonstration, more by the thought of eating the results afterwards. Continue reading