Activist art for Fukushima

Yoi KawakuboYesterday was the fourth anniversary of the March 11th tsunami and Fukushima nuclear disaster in Tohoku in northern Japan. To commemorate the event, and to encourage us to question our use of nuclear energy, Art Action UK have mounted a small exhibition at the White Conduit Projects in Islington of artworks centring around nuclear power plants and the Fukushima area. Continue reading

Fukushima Kimonos at UCL – Clay becomes Cloth (well, almost) 

Yuko Yamaguchi - Fukushima kimonos The University College London Institute for Risk and Disaster Reduction Annual Conference is not the first place you’d think to look for Japanese art, but for two days last week the conference offered a rare opportunity to see Yuki Yamaguchi’s Fukushima kimonos, in the South Cloisters at UCL. When I arrived the conference tea break was in full swing, and I had to dodge between the participants to get a look at the artworks. They were fascinating (the kimonos, not the participants) – made, not of cloth, but of ceramic tiles. Continue reading