Learn perfect sushi at Sozai Cooking School

Sushi at Sozai Cooking SchoolI’d better start with a confession – I’m the world’s worst cook. But I like to eat, especially at restaurants where you can get real Japanese food, so I was already a fan of So Japanese Restaurant when I got an invitation to the opening party for their new cookery school, Sozai. I signed up right away, lured not so much by the cookery demonstration, more by the thought of eating the results afterwards. Continue reading

A perfect match – Nao Matsunaga and the Daiwa Foundation Gallery

Nao Matsunaga My Primal Memory

I’m really embarrassed it’s taken me so long to get to Nao’s Matsunaga’s exhibition at the Daiwa Foundation- after all he’s a London-based Japanese artist, so I should have headed straight down there when it opened in October. But I’m even more embarrassed that I’ve never been to the Daiwa Foundation Gallery before, especially as I liked it so much when I did finally go. Continue reading