My Japan Foundation Film Tour Top Five

Japan Foundation Touring Film ProgrammeYou don’t get much chance to see Japanese films in London (or the rest of the UK) but, thanks to the Japan Foundation, over the next couple of weeks there’s going to be a positive glut. So suddenly we go from nothing to see to too much to see. How are you going to prioritise? Let me help out, with my Japan Foundation Touring Programme top five. Continue reading

Japanese film fest coming to the ICA!

Japan Foundation Film Programme

Isn’t it always the way? You wait ages for a Japanese film and then ten come along at once. Following hard on the heels of Jiro Dreams of Sushi (see my last post) comes an entire season of Japanese films titled Once upon a Time in Japan. It’s at the ICA and then tours the country, courtesy of the Japan Foundation Touring Film Programme. With ten films in a week (the season runs from 1st to 7th February) some hard decisions have to be made. Not to worry; as usual I’ve got a few suggestions to help you out. Continue reading

Jiro Dreams of Sushi

Jiro Ono

I’ve just been to see Jiro Dreams of Sushi and I think you should go and see it too. In fact, a lot of other people think you should go and see it. It has a rating of 7.8 on the IMDb and a 99% positive rating on Rotten Tomatoes. The Guardian film reviewer loved it; the Telegraph film reviewer loved it; the Observer film reviewer loved it…and so on. You get the picture. So what is it? A documentary about a sushi restaurant, that’s what. But it’s not your average sushi restaurant. Continue reading