Junko O’Neill – Peaceful Portraits of Space

Junko O'Neill Shower of Rainbow 1It’s nearly two years since I first saw Junko O’Neill’s dreamy landscapes and abstracts so I was interested to see what has changed in her latest exhibition. Size, for one thing. ‘It was hard to store large canvases,’ she told me, laughing a little ruefully. ‘And my husband said “Can’t you paint something smaller?” Smaller is better for customers too.’ Not that her new work is tiny, but it will certainly fit your walls nicely. Continue reading

Paintings inspired by Murakami

Junko O'Neill at GV GalleryThe paintings in Junko O’Neill’s exhibition, Fragments of Time, at the GV gallery in Chiltern St are about ‘ma’ – the Japanese concept of negative space, or the space between things, like the intervals between pillars, or the space that surrounds an object. Without the space the object would not be what it is. In Japanese art the ‘ma’ exists in the mind of the viewer- the job of the artwork is to provoke that sensation of space rather than depict it. Continue reading