Momosan shop opens in Hackney

Momosan shopThose of you who are familiar with Hackney Central will know that it’s a bit of a walk from Bethnal Green, which is something Yannick and I found out the hard way when our never-ending search for Mashiko pottery for sale in London led us to Momosan’s new shop on Wilton Way. But never mind; we saw the sights of Hackney, although not, oddly enough, Wilton’s Music Hall which is in a different part of London entirely. We settled for the Hackney Empire. Continue reading

The new Serpentine Sackler Gallery

Serpentine Sackler GalleryLike the title says, this post is supposed to be about Yannick’s and my visit to the new Serpentine Sackler Gallery in Kensington Gardens. And it is, really. It’s just that some cherry blossom, yuzu meringue tart, Mashiko Pottery (see the Japanese connection there?) and the Albert Memorial have crept in too. Continue reading