Aga Khan Museum Toronto 

Aga Khan Museum Toronto2016 seems to be my year for visiting brand new museums. After the Tate Modern extension last month, I can add the Aga Khan Museum in Toronto to my haul. Not quite so new as the Tate, as it opened in 2014, but my excuse is it’s further to go. And a spectacular catch it is too, particularly impressive on the day we visited when the sun blazed down and the temperature was in the thirties. Continue reading

Got something old? The Society of Antiquaries might be interested

Society of AntiquariesSo, here’s another little known place to visit in the centre of London – the Society of Antiquaries. You may have walked past it any number of times without realising as it’s located in Burlington House, just across the courtyard from the Royal Academy. If you’ve ever wondered what’s in the buildings either side of the RA entrance, here’s (part of) your answer.  Continue reading

Lacquer at the V&A

Lacquer cabinet at V&A

It’s all very well, rushing around town as I do to discover new and sometimes fleeting exhibitions, but it occurred to me recently that all this activity has led me to overlook the treasures that reside in the permanent collections of the museums and galleries that make London such a wonderful place to be. So I’ve decided to do an occasional series focusing on the objects you can see for free anytime you want – starting with the Japan gallery at the Victoria and Albert Museum and its fabulous collection of lacquer. Continue reading