The Japanese Garden in Regent’s Park

Japanese Garden in Regent's ParkI’ve travelled all over London to visit obscure Japanese gardens in out of the way places, but all the time I never realised there was one much closer to home – in Regent’s Park, no less. It’s part of Queen Mary’s Garden and it’s not just a garden, it’s a whole island. In case you’ve missed it too, let me take you on a short tour. Continue reading

Roses in Queen Mary’s Garden

Queen Mary's GardenQueen Mary’s Garden in Regent’s Park is famous for its roses. I went there last week with a Japanese friend, who wanted to see real English roses on her visit to the UK, just as we want to see cherry blossom in Japan. The roses were so lovely I decided to post some pictures here for you to enjoy too. And I’ve also added a post on the top five rose gardens in London in case you want to find some more roses. Continue reading