Yasuhisa Kohyama ceramic sculpture – the past reinvented

Yasuhisa KohyamaCall me shallow, but I do like it when I go to a gallery that’s as nice as the art they’re showing. I don’t like grubby, badly lit spaces – I want somewhere that’s bright and airy. I hate it when normally pleasant galleries decide to show their paintings in the half dark. If I want to peer at dimly lit objects in the gloom I’ll watch Wolf Hall. Luckily Erskine, Hall and Coe pass the nice gallery test with flying colours, and the art – by acclaimed ceramicist Yasuhisa Kohyama – is great too. Continue reading

Japanese pottery on show in Muswell Hill

Michael Posner ceramicsMichael Posner and Friends is an exhibition of pottery in a small gallery in Muswell Hill, the Koukan Gallery, tucked away behind Alexandra Palace. I took a walk up through Alexandra Park on the first spring-like day this year to see what was on show. I found delicately beautiful ceramics, bold, dark pots and the artist himself ready to talk about his work and experience in Japan. Continue reading