Fukushima Kimonos at UCL – Clay becomes Cloth (well, almost) 

Yuko Yamaguchi - Fukushima kimonos The University College London Institute for Risk and Disaster Reduction Annual Conference is not the first place you’d think to look for Japanese art, but for two days last week the conference offered a rare opportunity to see Yuki Yamaguchi’s Fukushima kimonos, in the South Cloisters at UCL. When I arrived the conference tea break was in full swing, and I had to dodge between the participants to get a look at the artworks. They were fascinating (the kimonos, not the participants) – made, not of cloth, but of ceramic tiles. Continue reading

University College London and the Choshu Five

University College London

I couldn’t let 2013 draw to a close without a nod to the Choshu Five, five young men who, in 1863, secretly braved the arduous journey to London to study at University College. (They had to do it in secret because at that time any attempt to leave Japan was punishable by death). And of course I had to visit their monument at UCL and share some pictures with you.  Continue reading