Yayoi Kusama at Vuitton Bond St

Kusama giant flowerI know I did a post about the Kusama/Vuitton collaboration just recently, but that was about the pop-up shop at Selfridges. What I didn’t realise, until I happened to walk past it, was that the Vuitton Bond St shop has had a Kusama makeover as well. I like it even better than Selfridges; the windows are more Kusama and less Vuitton, if you see what I mean. So I don’t feel at all bad about bringing you another set of pictures. You can’t have too much Kusama – well, I can’t anyway. Continue reading

Wonderful Yayoi Kusama at Selfridges

Yayoi Kusama model

I’ve been to see the Yayoi Kusama/Louis Vuitton pop-up shop in Selfridges and I was just blown away.

Of course I loved Kusama’s work already – the recent retrospective at the Tate Modern showed what an exciting artist she is. Now, with these designs for Louis Vuitton, she shows how versatile she can be, adding rich girl glitz to artistic creativity. Continue reading