Chu Enoki at the White Rainbow Gallery

Chu EnokiI was in two minds whether to go and see the Chu Enoki exhibition at the White Rainbow gallery. The thing is, it’s mainly about guns. Not something I feel a need for in my life, to be honest. Unlike Enoki, who seems to have had a lifetime obsession with them, beginning when he was a child in the fifties, after the Second World War. But anyway, I took a look, and found that the effect was not what I had expected. Continue reading

Temporal Measures at White Rainbow

Takahiro Ueda‘What’s this exhibition about then?’ Yannick asked me when I suggested opening our 2015 art season with a trip to the White Rainbow. ‘Time,’ I said. But actually, it’s not so much about time as measuring time, and the different ways in which measuring it can make it seem as though its going faster or slower. Here’s what I mean. Continue reading

Aiko Miyanaga at the White Rainbow Gallery

Aiko MiyanagaThere’s a new gallery in town, the White Rainbow Gallery on Mortimer Street, round the back of Oxford St and guess what? It specialises in contemporary art from Japan. As you can imagine, Yannick and I were onto it like a cat on a lazy sparrow.  Saturday afternoon saw us pushing open the tall glass doors to check out the cool white space inside, suitably inaugurated with a selection of ethereal works by Aiko Miyanaga. Continue reading