About The Cherry Blossom Murder

The Cherry Blossom MurderThe Cherry Blossom Murder is the first book in the Josie Clark in Japan mystery series,  an entertaining murder mystery series about stubborn, down-to-earth Londoner and her adventures investigating murders all over Japan. It’s full of little details that make present-day Japan come alive.

Josie loves her life in Tokyo and her friends in glamorous actress Tammy’s fan club – until she finds a body under the cherry blossom. Determined to find the killer, she goes behind the scenes of the spectacular Takarazuka Revue to expose the secrets and lies, save a priceless treasure – and sort out her own increasingly tangled love life.

If you’re in the UK you can get it on Amazon UK for Kindle or in paperback.

If you use Amazon.com, here are the links for Kindle and paperback.

And here’s the link for Kobo and other ebook readers worldwide.

For more information and links to reviews of the book, visit my website.

And here’s my author page on Amazon.

And here’s where to find the book on Goodreads.


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